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Top 10 Jewelry Trends for 2016

Posted on January 02 2016

1. Stackables/layering. Whether it is with rings or necklaces, this trend isn’t going anywhere. Change it up by adding in pieces that are personalized or allow for the sentimental. In jewelry, this includes layering delicate necklaces together as well as stacking rings and bracelets. 

2. Mixed metal.  Rose gold is seeing an increase in popularity, and a huge increase in mixing with white gold and platinum. The juxtaposition of the warm rose against cool platinum makes for a unique and beautiful setting, and there are so many different ways in which you can display the accent, from contrasting prongs to a halo.

3. Open styles. One of the most prevalent variations on this trend is openwork jewelry. Variations on the trend also can include rings and bracelets that wrap around the finger or wrist without meeting in the middle, and collars that remain open in the front of the neck, not completing the circle

4. Y necklaces. This classic shape already began its comeback in 2015, we expect Y necklaces to continue their resurgence in 2016, as fashion brands such as Chloe continued to use the style on the runways in their most recent fashion shows.

5. Black and white. This trend has a lot this trend has a lot to do with punk influences and the impact of rock-and-roll, as well as the popularity of tribal-inspired pieces and traditional Mexican silver jewelry. Expect to see more and more individuals wearing blackened metals. 

6. Unique stones. As I have stated many times in the past today’s  consumers are especially drawn to unique gemstone shapes or cuts, both in colored stones and diamonds. These unusual cuts  make a statement and stand out from the rest. 

7. Studs and earring jackets. These have shaped up to be a new fave! Wearing studs solo offers some versatility, while the addition of jackets builds up another cool look. Easy to understand, studs and earring jackets are available across a wide range of price points.

8. Asymmetry. From mismatched earrings to trails of tiny stones to modern cluster styles, asymmetry is one of hottest and coolest trends. Asymmetrical looks appeal to youth through their message of individuality and reflect super-creative uses of minimalist materials.

9. Chokers and other statement necklaces. These are a holdover from 2015, thanks to their appearance at the Oscars last February and an abundance of spring 2016 styles—think knits to lingerie to lightweight denim—that demand a statement piece around the collar.

10. Gold. The price of gold is luring more artists away from silver and back to the warmer metal. There are some looks—delicate charm bracelets and dainty pendant necklaces—that just translate better in gold, and when prices are more reasonable, who wouldn’t prefer to make a layered statement in a richer metal?


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