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The Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Posted on September 22 2015

One of the most popular jewelry pieces I make for my clients is a timeless and classic diamond tennis bracelet. It makes great gift for any occasion - birthday, anniversary and is gaining popularity as "push" present. 

Yellow and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet

There are few pieces of jewelry that have skyrocketed in popularity and managed to maintain demand the way a diamond tennis bracelet has. Most interesting is that it was quite popular  even before it received its classic name. 

The diamond bracelet became known as the diamond tennis bracelet in the late 1980s when former World No. 1 tennis star Chris Evert stopped her match during the US Open. She had the match stopped so she could find her elegant light in-line diamond bracelet, which broke during play. From then on, it was known as a tennis bracelet, and that name is still used today. 

The price range generally runs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand, depending on the carat size and the quality of the diamonds. If you are looking for something unusual, consider a tennis bracelets with Natural Fancy Color diamonds gain popularity these days.


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